Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My love for houses and architecture began when I was very young, let's see. I remember playing with my brothers building blocks. I would design and build houses. Then I remember joining "DECCA" when I was in High School. The boys would build the houses and the girls would decorate them. College and years of experiences finally guided me towards a style and culture that feel like home to me. We lived in Georgia for a while. There I saw a style that I'd felt before. I felt it first when I had my first date with my husband. We went to see "Gone With The Wind". I was hooked! Everything Southern thrilled me. A two story white Antebellum Manson. Of course it has a white Magnolia tree out front.

Several years later we had the opportunity to go to Savannah Georgia where the architecture literally did a dance in my head. It's the most beautiful thing I've every seen. The original town and all it's finery has been restored and can be visited.

Alexander Telfairs home was built in 1818 (William Jay-architect). A white home, with a centered porch of four Corinthian columns with a thermal window above led to an atrium hall.

Henry F. Willink a shipbuilder, built his white home in 1845. This home closely resembles the earliest houses built by the original colonist-single-story frame and clapboards with a brick foundation.

In 1896 a WW Aimar, a Mill owner, used white gingerbread decorations on his home.

I could go on, but let me say this, someday I'm going to build my southern home, and you will all be invited to my first garden party.

Have a great day!



  1. I love the southern mansions Cindy, and yes, I want to be invited to your first garden party...

  2. Hi Cindy, Very lovely homes indeed! And yes just like Julie I would love to come and visit your garden party.

    Happy Whites-

  3. Hi Cindy, lovely post! I love southern mansions as well and I can even imagine myself living in one. I'll be the first one to the party!

  4. Ohh, I just love all old houses, too!

  5. I choose door..er..picture number four! Wow to live in a wonderful home like that. But then there is that maintainence thing...oh well nice to dream! Thanks for the lovely post.

  6. Hello
    Thanks for stopping by...happy white wednesday!
    I agree can't beat Savannah for architecture, beautiful. I live in an 1860s Italianate but it has been stripped down...still has good bones though.

  7. I love your post! You put Savannah on my list of places to visit. I am reading about the history of the US economy and I have a little insight into how/why these stately homes were built. Fascinating.


  8. Cindy, I want to come to your Southern party and share your enthusiasm for Savannah. We finally went there two summers ago-note: we could have picked a cooler month than June!! But it was beautiful. We took a trolley tour and really enjoyed the gardens and glimpses into little allies along the way. At least we have a beautiful magnolia in our back yard!

  9. Gone with the Wind...my favorite American movie, usually I have to wait to get sick to watch it, laying in bed all day. Thank you for stopping by Mammabellarte and yes just to tease you the birdhouses are for sale (3). Ciao Rita