Thursday, September 30, 2010


Tomorrow is October 1. I've had my Halloween decorations, that I started gathering last year, up and ready to put out, for a week now. This is such a new thing for me, but I can't wait to decorate. I even ask my hubby if he would like to be a ghost with me to pass out the treats.

I couldn't help but look at the Halloween fabric as I've been out. I made these two pillows to snuggle up to my cinderella pumpkin on my porch.

I love to coordinate fabric.

I got this skeleton face from, graphics fairy, 3 months ago. It made a cute pillow for my grandson Max to lay his head on.

I will be visiting you soon, I hope there are lots of spooky things waiting to see.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WEW, I'm beat!

I know that there are many of you that do allot more canning then I do. It's been 8 years since I last canned Salsa. My neighbor gave me 2 big box's of tomatoes free, I said I wanted to do Salsa. I spent $30.00 at the farmers market buying pepper's of all kinds, $30.00 at the store buying wide mouth pint bottles and rings and herbs and cloves. I'm sorry, I forgot to take pictures until I was all done, you'll just have to imagine it. What a mess! It took 2 days. One day to blanch, pill and cut all veggies, and wash bottles. The next day to organize, cook, fill bottles and water bath 8 bottles 3 times. We got 23 pints! We can buy a bottle of a good salsa from Costco for $1.25. 23 of those bottles would cost 29.70 - plus tax.

After it's all over, the kitchen is cleaned up and I've had a 2 hr. nap, I guess I can say, yeepy! Salsa!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Package from "Tiny Bear"

What a wonderful morning. I went to the mailbox and waiting for me was a package from my friend in Denmark, Tina at "Tiny Bear". It was wraped in black tissue with an orange ribbon. What a treat, cards of all kinds. Some for Thanksgiving.

This is a little Halloween kit,

Halloween tags.
In the kit I found: 2 bingo cards, 2 halloween cards, more halloween tags, black lace, orange rope and 2 "tiny pumpkins". Oh how cute!
Even more! Christmas cards..... THANK YOU THANK YOU TINY BEAR - I LOVE THEM

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Welcome to Hannah's sleepover breakfast at Neaders.

Before you can get your scrumptous French Toast, you have to go past all of the mouth watering desserts. Tarts.

Key Lime Pie

Assorted yummies!

Finally, we've ordered and are sitting down.

The French Toast here is to die for.

Grandpa really is happy to be here, he just likes to fool ya. Hannah was sooo happy.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Well, my Friends, I am so happy to be able to tell you, that everything was gotten and I am cancer free. I like to call it "Tender Mercies". I could feel a book with story after story of "Tender Mercies" I have received. My life is not over, there is more that I need to do. I pray with all my heart that I will recognize when I am needed.

I want to share with you two more of those "Tender Mercies" that have shown me the gift of healing. Last Thursday I started rubbing my incision with neosporin (the miracle drug), the only drug I ever use. Well, the next morning I didn't feel that sharp cut anymore.

The morning I woke up with a very happy thought. I thought of some decorating things to do in my bedroom. That's a great sign, don't ya think. My mind had been blank for a week. Let me show you what I've done.

Ecru Hand Crocheted Table Cloth. Made in the 1930's by my Great Grandmother, Sylvia Bradley Homer Christensen Larsen, (what a mouth full). She made it for her granddaughter Marian Homer. Before Marian Died, she gave it to my father (her cousin) to give to his daughter (me). Marian didn't have any children. I just received it a couple of years ago, and I placed it in my chest. I also received some lace doilies that I've layed on a couple of lampshades.

This is the pedistal my dad build me. It's right next to me with a plum crystel vauce field with wonderful plum flower, sitting on a hand crocheted doiley of my great grandmother.

Excuse me, is that me that's fuzzy, or is that my camera? You are looking at a special thank you card that I bought at Just a bed of Roses. I am so very thankful!

This is not a very good picture. I bought a small crystal lamp with a white lamp shade. I drapped it with a very beautiful doiley from grandma. On the table I've also lade a silk dark brown scarf I bought in Ecuador from a man that let me sit awhile on his chair.

A special hand written note was attached to the delicate table cloth. My father received it in 1990 and he pinned a note to it.

I'm looking for a delicate white or plum or both, teapot. If you find one, think of me, and let me know.