Friday, April 30, 2010


I have been talking about this green beauty for some time, (Antique Green Desk). I finally brought it home. My sweet hubby, with a little push, paid it off at Aunt Elsie's and brought it home on my birthday. I want you to look close at the bottles, green and cobalt blue. Am I being brave? This is going to be by new additional color in my living room and entry. I will be looking for the perfect chair to sit at my desk.

My grandmas room is coming along real good. I'll show you when it's all finished. Look what I found in my storage room. My grandmother Allred's house was built in Ephraim Utah in the late 1800's and it was torn down in the 1980's. Angles were watching out for me and I received these two cornices off the front and back porches. I can remember coming and going many times at her home. They are the original paint. Should I leave them alone or touch them up with more paint?

The cup and saucer was Grandma Allreds, my mother was holding out on me. The little pitcure and saucer were Grandma Jarretts.

AWEEEEEEEEEEEE! I feel so good to have history around me.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Nothing says happiness like spending time with my grandchildren. A day spent having fun at Gardner Village and lots of "Tea Parties".

Monday, April 19, 2010


We have some interesting pieces of English China at Aunt Elsie's Trinkets and Treasures. A blogging friend ask me about them.

There are two different kinds: CHURCHILL 7 saucers for $40.00 and FINLANDIA 5 bowls, 5 small plates and 5 regular plates for $98.00. PLUS SHIPPING AND HANDLING!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


It's starting to become real. The before and after headboard and foot board. I love the new color, it's a creamy antique white called "Cottage White, from Bear at Home Depot.

I painted some cedar hangers today and put a little fancy on them. One is baby pink the other is a soft green.

Before I show you the night stand I want to put some antiquing on it. I need to go to Home Depot and find something to use. I'm open for suggestions.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I absolutely love working in Aunt Elsie's Trinkets and Treasures. I have come to appreciate the beauty and the manufacturing of the old things so much. I want to collect so many different treasures. My newest love is vintage glass. You know that I have collected Milk Glass for some time now and I started to collect small glass salt and pepper shakers. I have found a few more small glass bottles that I want as well as this beautiful cobalt blue glass. The blue would be very different for me. I use allot of fall colors. What do you think? Do I dare?

What I like most about working with vintage and antiques is the people that love it. They are wonderful!

Thursday, April 8, 2010



Todos Los Ninos (Our Foundation), has had several opportunities of helping children all around the world. We have helped build a new orphanage in Cuenca Ecuador. We have sent needed items to Peru, Tyland, Hatti and Africa. Right now we are involved in gathering Hygiene Kits and baby blankets for newborns in Ethiopia. There is a special need for them in the Kenya Hospital that was built and run by medical personnel from Kenya. I am hoping to be able to take them in July.

Many people have been found in areas where there are no medical facilities. Julie came across a mother with a baby strapped to her back. The baby had been severely burned. The palm of her hand and all up her arm were very destroyed. Julie happens to be a nurse, however, she didn't have any equipment. She rummaged through some supplies that had been sent and found a box that hadn't been opened. It was a medical kit. Julie was able to attempt to clean this, almost lifeless, babies burns. She taught the mother how to cut the skin back and scrub the arm. It must be done every day or the baby could die.

So much needs to be done but few people to do it. If you would like to help with this project we would be very grateful.

Hygiene Kits:

2 hand towels
2 bars of soap
4 tooth brushes
1 tube of tooth paste
2 combs

This can be put in a gallon baggie!

Baby Blankets:

sizes 36" by 36" and 45" by 45"
1 layer of Fleece with tied edges or 2 pieces of Flannel sewn
together and turned and top stitched.

Frequent Flyer Miles: To help get the donations to Ethiopia.

Money Donations: To purchase needed items.

(801) 553-9145


Some times ya just need to get away. Ya just gotta go to a place that ya love. Right now it's sunny St George at the Abby Inn. With my sewing machine and a new quilt pattern to put together for (me). Also a good book and a cooler full of caffeine free diet pepsie. AUHHHHHHHHHHH!

Of course I can't forget to stroll down main street and check out my favorite book store of all time, The Little Professor. My White Wednesday this week is full of relaxation and thoughts. I couldn't help but be attracted to and snap up pictures of
some white books on the shelves in the book store. I have been looking for the book called, "The help", yeppy, I found it.

I headed down the street and I passed this cool window display. Someone had hung hundreds of light bulbs in the window. Very unique.

I passed a new store front. It was a darling cake shop. NO I didn't go in! My life style is, for sure, changed for the better.

The next shop was the Antique Shop on Main. I only come here ones a year and the focus is always different. This year my attention was captured by beautiful dishes and tea sets and cups and saucers. Oh, to have a kitchen full of these lovely's. This one that I purchased will be perfect in my Vintage grandma's room. I know, when is it going to be done? Well, as we speak my twin headboard and footboard are being refinished, my night stand is finished, my table mirror and two candle holders are finished. So much more to do though. I will be so excited to show it, so check back.

I hope you are having a wonderful White Wednesday as well. Stroll on over to Faded Charm and see what everybody else is doing.