Sunday, August 23, 2009


I have had so much fun, this week-end, in my work-room. I had a few elements hanging around and this is what they turned into. ELEMENTS HANGING AROUND: Cream and Tan material (Material Girls) - Lace (Fabric Center) - Castle Graphics (thegraphicsfairy) - and of course, 40 year old leather wrapped buttons (bought when I lived on Wilson Lane).

The lighting is awful, I'll take another picture tomorrow.


  1. That pillow is fabulous funny about Wilson Lane buttons!!! Not many know Wilson Lane...but I do for lived there 19 years! (to toooo long for me).
    Great job!

  2. What a gorgeous pillow! You are a talented girl.

  3. Oh Cindy, that is beautiful! Will it be on your Etsy shop site?

  4. Oh Julie, the answer is yes. I had you in mind when I made this. It's a french castle.

    I'm having trouble figuring etsy out, I'm waiting for my daughters help. I'm using to organize some things. I still need to get this one posted, but you can go there to check things out. If you have trouble let me know.


    Thank you for visiting

  5. I do love your pillows too.
    they would look very romantic and nice on my couch!

  6. T he new pillow is beautiful! You are so c reative. Me, I can make something if I see something, but I can't come up with unique ideas. Oh well, we can't all be creative I guess. The castle is breathtaking and the lace is gorgeous. Have a good day and go make another pillow!

    Love, EJ

  7. Hi Cindy! How are you girlfriend!!! This pillow is lovely. I'm in the middle of a re-do in my living room (spontaneous) so I'm making a bunch of new pillows myself! I would love to do a trade with you. Let me know what kind of trade you are thinking of.

    My Desert Cottage