Saturday, October 31, 2009





Friday, October 30, 2009


I spent the morning with my mother today. One of the places we went was called, "Nuttels", a sewing and fabric store. While mom looked for crochet thread and needles, I looked for fabric. I found this cool black and cream and I thought, where have I seen this. I remembered that my mother had made me a dress out of it when I was young. I remembered that it was my favorite dress. I kept looking and I found a tiny corduroy fabric in cream and one in black. I picked up a big rick rack in cream as I was remembering my cool black buttons at home.

Mimi Sue and I have been having so much fun this Halloween Season and seeings how tomorrow is Halloween and I did promise Shellie that I would look for a CROW.

DA DA, I found one. I completely forgot about Graphics Fairy. She is the sweetest fairy I know, she is so cute to let me use her backgrounds - FOR FREE!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


WOW! IT'S COLD OUTSIDE. It's a great day to just stay in and work in my sewing room.
I couldn't do it though, not until I made a run to Tiepan.

I thought I'd show you some of my sweet finds this week and a little of what I've acomplished.

There are a couple of my blogging friends that love to work with these glass dome things. I'm sorry I can't remember what their called. I think that they are just such a perfect peace of beauty. For Christmas this year I want to do allot with glass, so, what better way to decorated my mantal and bar and table then with these dome things and apothacary jars in all sizes. I bought some of "Just a Bed of Roses" vintage rose ribbon, in a luchious brown and french blue. I made a tiny pillow with a carmal ribbon to go under the dome.

I was visiting Tuesday Morning and I found a box of these fun white buttons, their so unique. I also saw these black buttons. I couldn't control myself, I had to have them.

And look at these adorable salt and peper shakers from Just a bed of Roses. Brenda had them hiding behind her at the counter. I want to find some German Glass Crystel to put in them.

I found this fun dresser bowl at Aunt Elsies and I don't think I showed you. It hold's the thread's that I use most.

And of course, this white cup with black initials on it. It's "C" for Cindy.

I really enjoy preparing for White Wednesday and I also enjoy visiting all of the blogs over at Faded Charm, and leaving little comments. Everyone is so talented. Go over and check them out.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I met a couple of pretty mad people while I was out and about last week. They knew that I had gone to a halloween party and I didn't invite them. They tried to cut off my ears. I moved very quickly and they just got the end of my nose. Shellie, does your butler do plastic sergery? I managed to tape the tip of my nose back on with some tuck tape.

It didn't stop me from visiting Aunt Elsie's Trinkets and Treasures in West Jordan. She's so cute, she didn't care if my nose was duck taped on.

The owner, shared with me and another shopper - a story - a story that became the beginning of Aunt Elsie's.

Years ago, she lived by an older couple that she quickly became friends with. The Elderly women had to go to the nursing home and that left her husband all alone. No children, no family members at all. Her little family steped up their love and kindness. They made a lonely man part of their family. Soon the sweet wife died, that was a very sad day for my new friend and the man that they were beginning to love. The years passed and they weren't kind to the old man. His heart was borken and he missed Elsie so. One day he too left this world - for a better one. In doing so, he had left his home and all of the treasures within it, to a very kind family who had shown him love and kindness untill his very end. He left everything - the house - everything. Thus, is the beginning of Aunt Elsie's Trinkets and Treasures.

As we listened, boxes and boxes were opened that were full of vintage jewles and pearles. It will be so fun to visit the shop and see all these special treasures. I'm sure I'll buy a few. Come out and visit the shoppe, and meet a very special gal.
I've gotta go, my nose is starting to drip blood - I guess I'll go get it fixed.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Do you believe the saying, "Time heals all wounds? I believe it's true. You see I have been so preoccupied with Halloween this year that I completely forgot about my sweet Casey Collett's, would have been, 31st birthday. It was October 14th. It just dawned on me yesterday. John and I were in Ogden and he drove to the Cemetary and said that he wanted to visit his daughter and wish her happy birthday. This is the first year I've forgotten.

31 years ago, she was born. Born with too many problems to live. Born with a strong spirit and a strong will. Born with the ability to indure everything that was passed to her. She was indeed a miracle. Her broken but always giving heart, kept beating until her parents were humbled enough, to recognize that the Lords Will, needed to be done in her behalf.

That little girl left an impact on alot of people. Especially me! My Daughter, I've missed so many special moments with her in this life - but - I look forward to a brighter day when I can touch her face - and - hear her say - Mamma

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


You all remember the little saying, "Make new friends, but keep the old, one is Silver and the Other is Gold. I grew up having that thought in my mind at a young age. I don't remember where I heard it from, but it seamed to always be on my mind. As I grew up I lived in the same place, same friends, same neighborhood, everything. I often wondered why that saying was planted so deeply in my mind.

When I married, at the age of 19, I quickly found a love of making where ever we lived into our home. I had many opportunities to recreate and redecorate. You see, school and work (and economizing) have allowed us to move 21 times.

I wouldn't trade any one of those moves for anything. You see, I have been making friends for 38 years. Some are old and some are new! Some are Silver and some are Gold! All of them have a special place in my heart. All of them have shared something of great worth with me - themselves.

I understand now why that little saying was planted so deeply in my heart. I have come to understand that the most important thing to me -- are the relationships I make with the people that cross my path. Weather it be, my family, my friends, or the women down the street. I am so blessed to be touched by so many.

As we approach this next month, the month of Thanksgiving, I pray that we will pause - and give thanks to our friends, weather they be Silver or Gold.

Monday, October 19, 2009


The Party is over - and I'm still alive - so many goblins - tried to get me outside - outside where it was dark and no one could see - while they scared me with rats, and cockroaches and flees. My nerves are all shattered - anxiety is high - but I loved every minute - my heart wants to fly. But I'll wait till next year - when my nerves have calmed down - rather then I witch - I'll go as a clown.

Thank you so much Shellie and Brenda. You sure do know how to throw a Halloween Party.

Love you guys

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Two more days until the party at Shellie's. I decided that I would give you a clue of what to look for to find me. This is my first (part of a) home made Halloween costume. My daughter said, "Who are you, and what have you done with my mother"? I said, "I have fallen under Brenda's and Shellie's spell and I won't be normal again until after the party. The only problem is, I can't find my spiders to sew on my hat. I had them here in this pretty milk glass. Where are they, I've got to find them.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Happy White Wednesday! I want to thank Faded Charm for hosting this white event. I am having so much fun. I tell ya, everybody wants to be me! I am meeting some of the sweetest and most talented people around. Just today I met the cutest gal. Her shop is called "Aunt Elsie's Trinkets and Treasures" It's on Red Wood Road just before you enter South Jordan. I will miss Dixie and the Lavender House but I'm so glad that there will be somebody in that darling shop that I can visit. If you go now you can still get in on a great sale. Everything that is marked "D" is 30% off and every $50.00 you spend, you'll get 10% off.

All of the picture in this post are from Aunt Elsie's. Be sure and come out and visit her.

Monday, October 12, 2009


I feel like it's taking me a long time to get my prizes sent. I'm so sorry, they really are coming. I just need addresses.


Saturday we met some of our children, and a photographer, at Muller Park in Bountiful. The weather was chilly, but bearable. The tall Aspen trees swayed in the breeze, they beconed me, "come a little closer". The river was running very low as if to say, "please come sit on my rocks and enjoy this peace one more time. Which I did, as my 8 precious grandchildren ligned up across the bridge. As I looked at them all together my heart skipped a beat. I give thanks each day to be able to see this sight and to know that they are mine. There is history in the love that I feel for their parents. History that will be passed on to their children. It's important to me that the part of the story that I play is filled with imaganation and creativity, with a love of God and all his children, with endless devotion to family, and with purpose and meaning.