Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I've printed these picture for Boogdoodle Beades. We met while blogging and I suggested some paint colors. I don't know how to just send her the pictures so I'll do it this way.

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  1. Those are gorgeous paintings, Cindy, and you're right, the colors are just lovely. The tunic and robe colors make the first painting come to life. They actually remind me of the yarn I was telling you about. With your permission, I'll save these photos and use them as color inspiration, along with the other things I've collected. And I love how the yellow ties in on the wall color. I wasn't sure I wanted to keep the yellow, but now I'm re-thinking it.
    Your pottery is also exquisite. My hub and I are planning another trip to India for the end of the year, but after that, it may have to be South America. I'm missing Ecuador more and more.
    Thank you so much for posting these paintings. They certainly did give me some thoughts on a possible direction for my studio.
    What a sweetheart!