Wednesday, October 6, 2010


One of the first pieces of furniture my mother in law owned was this side table. It sat in her living room.

It was so hard for my hubby to turn this table over to me. I had to beg and beg for 4 years. It's been in his den all that time. It really didn't look good with his furniture. Now I think it looks as special as it really is. White, and in my studio. I think I will find a beautiful doiley and a milk glass vauce with lime green gerber daisy's, to put on it.

I'm just about settled in my larger studio. This a corner that is new space. I have two large walls I can also fill with new treasures.

A puffy curtain seemed natural for this window.

A few of my favorite milk glass pieces. You can visit several other bloggs by visiting Karen's White Wednesday.

Monday, October 4, 2010


I was hoping to get up to Just a bed of Roses this fall, and get Brenda's help in spooking up my place. However, my September has been a messed up one. So --- My decorations are quite mild, but I sure had fun doing them. I made this wreath for Fall and added some Halloween.

I loved these signs, I think I got them at Wallmart. I know that Brenda would have made the potions and had it there for you to sample.

This is a Cinderella pumpkin, it's squaty.

Hey what's that in the Sage bush? Oh, I know, it's that door to door salesman that I cast a spell on last year. I did learn how to cast spells from Brenda.

We got a little carried away last year at Shellie's party. All of the neighbor cats and dogs became my target. SKULLS! They now hang on my fireplace.

Mr. Skelly will great you when you open my door.

I have to just hang my hat this year, I'm sorry to say that I can't be a witch.

My son gets so mad at me for canceling the spider sprayer. I told him that I wanted to let the little varments in for Halloween.

I am really in to skulls this year and casting spells - OH WOOPS - my visiting teachers came over - and - it looks like they didn't get out. I think they look very good sitting in those places. The spell will work until Nov. 1. I hope their families don't miss them.