Monday, June 29, 2009


The first quilt at the top was one that I made for me to hang on my banister. It is the second quilt that I've actually kept (other then my babies quilts)in 38 years. I'm finally doing things to keep. It was my first Jelly Roll quilt.

The second one is made out of dark brown Minky. Don't ya love it? The first time I've ever used that. I found this wonderful material up in Midway. It belongs to my 8th grandchild "Hudson Cole Geilmann".

The next three are the same pattern but different colors and prints. I did a Marathon before Christmas for my three girls. Three more Jelly Rolls. Material girls in South Jordan sure did love me this year.

The last one is my memory quilt of my trips to our orphanage in Cuenca Ecuador. Also made with a Jelly Roll. My new thing.

There are 6 quilts in my sewing room that I'm working on, I'll post them when their done. Did I say "I love quilts"? I would love to get some Vintage material and make an old pattern. I'll add it to the list.


Hello my new friends. I am very excited about this quilt. It's a twin size and the material is by Koyco, and I ordered it from "Fabric". I've made it for a raffle to be held at Liberty Days 4th of July. I guess you could say that piecing and quilting are my most favorite hobbies. I have been involved with it for the last 38 years. I love color, texture, pattern, shapes, and mostly the journey that I take while creating each one. I want to share with you what I have finished this last year. There is always more to come.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


WELCOME TO MY HOME AND TO MY HEART: I am a huge fan of Blogging, my daughter got me going on it and I've been at it for over two years. I have just created this blog, "Stitches-n-Stuff". The purpose of this blog is to purely have fun and let my imagination go wild and grow. I am finding so many other women who, like me, like to use their imaginations. My profile tells a bit about me and you will learn more by visiting my blog. My door is always open and so is my heart.
I love to make things for people and my first winner is Julie at Idyllhours. She wins because she is the first person I visited using this new blog. I do things randomly. You could be next!