Monday, May 31, 2010


Saturday I received my mothers day gift from my daughter, her husband and their 4 children. The weather was suppose to be rainy, but, I have special connections up stairs and was able to change the direction of the storm. However, I wasn't able to get, the camera that I left in Farmington, to fly over here, so I was not able to get any pictures. ANYWAY

We all went outside to my front gardens that are very close to being pathetic. We stared at 9:00 and ended at 2:00. Every weed, dead grass, or strange growth was removed and tilled up. Two old miss shaped Alberta spruce trees were cut down and pulled out. This was the true meaning of service, not one complaint. I was the only one who took sit down breaks. Jody and Kevin were on their knees the whole time. Jackson sawed down the Alberta spruce and packed up the bed of the truck. Kacie cut dead tulips and weeded and helped plant two flats of ground cover and was the water girl. Max used the clippers and clipped off dead branches (and ate a dozen cookies). And little Mia, went from person to person giving special, "atta boy, hugs". The spirit that they brought to my home was amazing, true happiness is service, to the giver and the receiver. Everybody was tired, but oh, so happy!

I am so blessed.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I have posted about these very cool WHITE parts to my grandmothers house that was built back in the late 1800's BUT I want to do it again. I want you to understand how important they are to her home and to me and to my posterity.

A cornice is a hand made or machine made structure that is placed around the parameter under the roof of a house, church, or building of any kind. In this case it was placed under the roof of the front porch and back porch. It use to be considered only for the wealthy and it definitely is an extra expense. However, the architectural cornice is not just an aesthetic enhancement, it's also a wise investment. You can lower energy bills, divert rainwater, prevent streaking and staining and help stop potentially damaging water infiltration. You can make it as simple or ornate as you want, thus, controlling the cost. Very interesting to me that simple folk in Ephraim Utah in the late 1800's were using it.

My grandmother Allred (my mothers mother) was 12 years old when her family met the LDS missionary's while living in Denmark. One of the missionary's was from a place called, Manti Utah. I haven't been able to dig for the conversion story, but I will.
Grandma's family decided to move from Denmark to Utah. The missionary's helped them raise the money to travel and in 1907 they set sail for America. Grandma's youngest brother (Oggy) turned 5 while sailing on the ship. The ship landed in Boston and no one was allowed to disembark because of the Black's disease that had spread, (the skin turns black and it falls off). It was a few days before they decided that those that didn't have the disease could leave and Grandma's group was some of them.

From Boston they took a train to Manti where they were met by my great great grandmother. She had moved by herself from Denmark and had set up housekeeping in Manti. She was never married to my great great grandfather, I guess he didn't want to join the church - so - she left him and came to America.

She later married a JC Nielsen and had her children sealed to them.

A shop was build in front of my great great grandmas house for my great grandfather to work from. He was a Tailor. Shortly after their arrival to Manti, they all came down with the blacks disease, they all survived!

Grandma's house was torn down in the 1980's. I didn't know about it, but my beautiful cousin, who is living in Ephraim, saved these cornice's for me. I was off living in Georgia so it was several years before I got them. There are three reasons that I love them so: First, because my cousin Debbie thought of me and saved them and Second, because they belonged to my beautiful grandmother. AND Third, because they are a part of an architectural history that I love.

I look forward to all the times I will have to share what I know about these two cornice's off my grandmothers house.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Thank you all for visiting my blog - it keeps me going. It makes my life so much fun too. I enjoy visiting all of you also, you're all so talented. The winner of my EMPTY NESTER'S give away is: Drum roll please! JUNE - FROM LAUGHING WITH ANGLES -- PLEASE E-MAIL ME YOUR ADDRESS -- SO I CAN GET YOUR PRIZE SENT TO YOU.

My next drawing will be when I hit 100 followers.

Big Hugs

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I have been blogging for 3 years and I finally won a give-a-way. It is soooooo freaking fun! I have been screaming all day. My husband says, "what's wrong", I say, "you'll never understand" "I feel like a princess". KayC has just sent me some amazing things. All of them will be perfect in my grandma's room.

1. A hand made quilt top in green, pink and white. I'm going to make a new pillow.
2. A hand crocheted doily. It will go on my corner shelf.
3. A bundle of white lace. I'll use it on the pillow.
4. A bundle of pink transparent ribbon. I don't know, what shall I do with it?
5. A bundle of white transparent ribbon with pink hearts. I could use it to hang some of my frames.
6. A perfect little pink, rose covered cup. It will be just right to hold some vintage rings in.
7. A creative hand made votive light, a small tube of crystals and a cute little handmade cherry lollipop pin magnet. I'm making a little chalk board to my room, so see the magnet will be perfect.
8. Vintage grapefruit spoons. Brenda told me to put some in my cute little tray that I got from Just a bed of Rose last week.
9. I love these. Tiny pastel buttons wrapped in pink towel, tied with a tiny pink print and a wight star, dipped in silver sparkles hang from it.


10. A fridge Rose magnet.
11. Some very sexy stationary held together by a vintage made cloths-pin.


11. A darling ceramic frame. Perfect for my beautiful grandmother to hang around in.
12. A very charming matching ceramic dish nest, with a tiny white bird and a cinnamon glass heart in it.



Friday, May 14, 2010


Awe, what a fresh coat of paint can do to a beautiful piece. I've repainted my thimble case white and the night stand I bought from Aunt Elsie's. A hobnail milk glass lamp sits on it's shelf. My grandmother J's little saucer and pitcure and granmother A's cup and saucer.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


When I arrived home yesterday, on my porch was a box. I was so excited to see what it was because I didn't think I was expecting anything. I opened it and immediately figured it was a donation for my foundation and the children in Ethiopia. I looked closer and saw something wrapped in a pattern - then I noticed a beautiful home-made card - and a check fell out of it, saying donation. I started bawling thinking who would do this. I looked at the card and found out that it was Lisa from Tarnished & Tattered. Guess what was wrapped in the pattern and tied with a bow? A quilt kit and the material to do it with. Can you believe it? Lisa said that she bought it quit awhile ago, but she doesn't quilt. I grabbed my camera and starting taking picture before my eyes were even dry.

Shellie @ Shellie Warren Art and her mother Brenda @ Just a bed of Roses donated two big bags full of blankets. Their amazing.

You've touched me very deeply, I love you gals.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sunday morning I was hurrying to get ready for church, forgetting what the day was, and as I went into the great room and looked at my desk, laying on the computer was an envelope. I looked closer and I saw a picture of a baby. I looked closer still and I saw the words birth/death certificate.

I screamed -------- I have been wanting this for over 15 years and I've procrastinated getting it from the S.L. Health Dept.

My John came into the kitchen, I threw my arms around him and we both stood there and bawled for 5 minutes.

My heart was so touched. It was as if our daughter (Casey) was there saying "Happy Mothers Day Mom".

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am now an empty Nester. I went with my youngest son, to pay for his first months rent and get his keys, on his new studio apartment. We moved some essentials in today. Saturday he will move the rest. I kept squealing, I was so excited. I am so happy for him but yes, it will be hard on me.

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