Thursday, August 13, 2009


When we lived in Liberty, to the north of pineview dam, we had a resident woodpecker. It scared me to death for a long time. When we moved I knew that I would miss him. Not for long, I think he followed me here. The first time I heard something banging on my roof this time I new immediately what it was, I grabbed my camera and ran to the deck. I missed him, he flew to the tree on the side of the house. I caught him there, I thought that was pretty good. The second time he started hammering, I was a lot quicker and quieter. I got him. All I can think of to call him is woody. If you have a better name, please share it with me!


  1. Hi Cindy, looks like you captured a pretty little dove in your second photo, and your woodpecker is called a Northern Flicker... maybe that will help you decide on a name for him, thanks for sharing! Julie

  2. hmmm Cindy, do you really think he followed you there? ;) I know cats can find people miles and miles away...maybe woodpeckers can too! He's a cutie though!
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  3. Incredible story, Cindy!! He is a cutie!! We have one living in a big Maple tree just outside our bedroom window. He is hard to see because of all the leaves, but you sure can hear him.

    I'd name your little guy Racketmaker!! ;-)


  4. hello cindy
    thanks for enjoying my blog so much and thanks for your lovely comments...
    We live in the netherlands, not in denmark.
    and photo's of my home you can see at my other blog...