Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I love this idea of White Wednesday. It's great to have a special purpose to get together with people you admire. And that I do! All of your bloggspots are amazing to look at and to hear about your days and the things that you think about simply feels me with content. The comments are icing on the cake, they are like Christmas to me.

This being my first White Wednesday, I've decided to just do a simple walk through of one of the peaceful days in my life, most days aren't peaceful. But some are!!!

The beginning of the day would be trying to get out of my white cotton egyption sheets and pillow cases.

After I finally do, I like to put a load of laundry in. I love my washer and dryer being right across the hall from my bedroom.

Then I enjoy a simple breakfast of toast and eggs. I really don't eat that many.

Then I walk around the house and make sure the blinds are all closed. Mr Stitches-n-stuff tells me, "Cindy, be sure and keep the blinds down, it will keep the house cooler". Cooler I say, It's 72 degrees in here, I'm in the basement which is 5 degrees cooler, I have a fan going full speed ahead, a glass of ice water and I'm still sweating.

I take my hand phone and head down stairs. On a great day, I can stay busy down here for 4 good hours, and the phone doesn't ring. I do have to repeatedly get more ice water.


  1. How fun...Thats really neat cindy to tie the white into your day...it really is dreamy creamy isnt it!

    At first I went are those eggs? Then your washing?

    but have to admit, its just really cleaver and I love your milkglass, bet you do too.

    I wont get anything white listed for tomorrow, maybe I will join in one day, for now I will visit and blog in color.

  2. Love it! Especially the sewing/laptop space...
    Thanks for the visit, oh, and about those babies...that is the favorite toy-they all wanted to play there!

    Have a nice day!

  3. Thanks for stopping by the picket fence so that I could follow you back to your place. I might have gotten lost you know ;-) Great vignettes of white around the house. Have a lovely day!

  4. I love this walk through of a-day-in-the-life. All your whites are are lovely. Those eggs have made me hungry for my own breakfast. Hum, what should I fix? I got it! I think I'll have eggs!

  5. Love the white towels coming out of the dryer. Thanks for joining White Wednesday. Come and visit.

  6. Hi Cindy, we love the simplicity of the third picture!!! Thank you for visiting us today!

  7. The towels and dryer are my favorite! Sometimes that seems like the story of my life :) Really a cute take on the White Wednesday theme.

  8. Welcome to White Wednesday. Isn't it fun? I think this is my 3rd. I loved your little walking tour. Thanks for joining and sharing.
    Have a Blessed Week,

  9. What a serene White Wednesday. The only whites in my house are the curtains. Everything else is so colorful. I might have to remedy that, because White Wednesday sounds very nice. I like your thoughts on an Ecuadorian color scheme. That would be very unique and interesting, and it would match the rest of my colorful home! It would also give me a handy excuse to go back to Ecuador. I especially like the idea of using brown & brownish green. On the other hand, I found a flour sack pillow and some variegated yarn with an aqua/red theme, which I'm mulling over, too.
    Thanks for your visit and for your wonderful color ideas.

  10. CindY!! Look at all that milk glass!! I am so jealous! BeauTiFUL! I love all the white.....