Monday, September 9, 2013


Well, it's been 5 years since my left knee went bad.  I was hit by a car at 14 years of age, fell on both knees and tore them up.  Then numerous falls and bangs, so many, I can't count them.  3 years ago I fell down 3 steps onto cement, on my left knee.  Since then it's been terrible.
2 years later it was so bad that I finally decided to see a surgeon.
1 year later I began planning for a knee replacement.  I should have had it done then, but, I wanted to be with the grand kids in the swimming pool.  I thought that would help me too!
I did, it was a great summer, painful-but great.  We had 21 swim/picnic days and I also got my blog up and running again.  Thank you Carly!
So --- today I've treated myself to an amazing house cleaner lady. It's the last thing on my list except for: having my eyebrows waxed, doing my nails and shaving my legs.
I look pretty calm in this picture - but I'm not. I'm a nervous wreck.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I have just had the most wonderful visit with my very cutest niece named Carly.  She has rescued my pictures and retaught me how to down load and blog.

My most favorite hobby is quilting, so I think I'll share with you some beautiful quilts I saw while visiting a quilt show in Navooh.  I will fill you in on what has been going on.  Please, make yourselves at home and help yourself to a German Chocolate Cupcake.

Last spring we sold our home and we bought a smaller home in a darling community, in the same city.
This community is very close to where my husband work.  It's also close to the grocery store that I shop at, the gym, the doctors and dentists I go too and the fabric store and all my favorite restaurants and shops.
I had a bad knee before we moved and I joined a zumba class and hired a trainer while I was packing up to move and then making the move.  After we were settled I was in a great deal of pain.  I finally went to a surgeon.  I got 3 shots in my knee, one every 3 months.  He said that it was in pretty bad shape.  I decided to have a total knee replacement after the summer so I could swim with my grand kids.  It was so much fun and believe it or not, I strengthened my legs.  I will be having the surgery one week from today.  Life just has to get better then this!
I posted a little about my new, I like to call it, contemporary cottage.  Then I lost my camera and my hubby bought me a new lap top. And I quit walking up and down my stairs to blog.
Well, I decided that I couldn't have that, so, I took the furniture out of the reading room, up stairs and I am bringing my studio, sewing, office, up stairs.  Now that I'm up and running again I will post about this, very charming, warm and loving contemporary cottage of mine.
How was that cupcake?  Mine was great. Today is my hubby's birthday and I forgot to wish him happy birthday before he left for work this morning.  Then he came home for lunch and I forgot again.  So I went to the cupcake place and got some really good cupcakes.  I surprised him at his office.
Well, I hope you'll come again. One of these days I'll show you the quilts I'm making.  I have two started and one that needs to be done before Christmas.  Hugs to every body!