Saturday, November 20, 2010

I can hardly believe that it's Thanksgiving this week. Is it just me, or, is time moving in morp speed? I've decorated a little Fall tree on my porch. It might just become my "every" Holiday tree.
I want those that come to my home for Thanksgiving to feel welcome. I'm so grateful to be able to share my bounty. There is some, rather, elevated conversations between me and my kids, about healthy thanksgiving dishes and traditional thanksgiving dishes. I think I just lost you guys. Why didn't I start this healthy stuff 35 years ago.
I am very grateful for wonderful strong children. Who have turned out to be great adults. And who are raising my beautiful grandchildren.
I am grateful to my dear husband who loves us and cares for us all.
I am so grateful for my blogging friends. For all of the excitement, motivation and inspiration that is mine every time I touch a computer button.
The pumpkin is a sign of great harvest, of plenty, of bounty. We are so very blessed. I hope that you all enjoy being with your families and friends. Reminiscing old memories and making new ones. WELL, Fall doesn't last very long does it. This is the most snow we've gotten here in South Jordan since we've been here, 5 years.

I love how white covers the trees and bushes.
There is a house in there somewhere.
I love my porch and I love the trees behind my neighbors house across the street.
I truly miss the Hugh trees in my back yard when I lived in Georgia.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

One of my most favorite spots in Ogden, when I was growing up, was Farr's Ice Cream. I was a steady-single scoop of chocolate kind a gal. To this day, I'm still chocolate, sometimes I want coconut or banana in it. This building still sits today in the same place. The inside color has been redone a very strong light green. It's always been green, but not this strong.

Every flavor your heart desires is served her. The red headed gal is dishing me up a quart of spamonie. My John and I were getting desert to go with the rib-eyed steaks and salad and toasted garlic bread with creamy Irish butter, that we were taking to Clint and Kylie's new house. Kind of my way to open their new home.

Yum, Yum, Cherry Chocolate Cherry-O-lets.

Old fashioned candy, anyone?

Yum, creamy ice cream.

One scoop of chocolate please.

I am in rainbow heaven here. Or, some may call it sugar heaven. I will do another post to show the rest. of the evening.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Refinish, from Mahogony to White

I have finally refinished a desk that I got 15 years ago. I love it so much more white. This is the front of it, I've draped a "stitches" banner I made on it.

This is the other side of the desk. It has a drawer.

The door to my sewing studio with my new name on it. "Studio 58".

I have been finishing and refinishing things for 38 years. I guess it's part of me. I have a little bench that goes with this desk that needs it next. There are other White's to look at over at Faded Charm. Won't you join me for a look? Have a great day.


Thursday, November 11, 2010


A wonderful day dressed in pure white. My darling granddaughter - so willing to share her love - full of kindness and patience. Today is her special day. A day that she has chosen to be babtized into the church. She will take upon her a gift that will guide her and comfort her for the rest of her life. I was so honored that she ask me to speek on Babtisim.

I can't believe that I didn't get a picture of her in her beautiful dress before she was babtized. We had a soup luncheon after the meeting. This is the back of her dress. Her hair is wet and she has a darling white crocheted hat her great grandmother made her.

This is the front of her dress. She received several necklaces as gifts.

From the waist down and around the dress.

The front, sleeves and waist.

A hand crocheted hat made by great grandmother.

A personally designed and crocheted draw string purse. We all were crazy over it.
Grandma Great had put some special little treasures in the purse.

I think this is a day that she will always remember.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

White's in Ephriam

A most spectacular work of Art as you enter the town of Manti Utah. A place where dreams were had and goals were set. A place were life was enriched because of the Majesty of architecture. Peace and happiness were enjoyed over and over as a young girl grew into a young women. One of the few pieces of my life that hasn't changed. I am forever grateful for it's historic elegance and it's life changing message.

You've herd me talk about my grandmother Allred allot, but, I've never showed you this house before. It's still standing and being lived in today, in Manti. My grandmothers parents (Petersen's) moved there, from Denmark, somewhere in 1895.

Grandma was raised here. I have no memory of ever seeing it. Boy, I sure would love to own it now.

My darling daughter JoDell and her daughters Kacie Joe and Mia. They had so much fun visiting the cemetery.
I saw this beautiful lace baby dress in an antique store. I wanted it for my grandma room but there wasn't a price on it and the owner couldn't be located. Oh well, I took a picture.

I am joining White Wednesday, I hope you will too.


Dallin came, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! My computer had decided to confuse me by adding another download program. All he had to do is take it off and my original one came back. Happy Day!
I enjoy preparing for Christmas early. It takes that long. If I shop for gifts in November, then December is full of decorating, music, hot cider, the fire and last minute style.

My sweet son brought me a christmas surprise yesterday. He signed up for a new phone package with me on it, and got me a new phone. I am so excided, I have no more phone worries. I even know how to tex now.

Monday, November 8, 2010


South Jordans first snow fall at 3:00 am. out my back door.
Deck in first snow fall.

Snow on chair on deck in first snow fall.
Snow on bush in first snow fall.
Halloween bags.
JoDell's b day.
Gift for Kacie's birthday.
Doiley on top of new bookcase.
This is the lamp base for the little lamp on the book case.
Pink lampshade with sparkles.
My neighbor had a yard sale, I went over and was helping him. My husband brought over a power mower and said that it could be given away. A man with a truck full of stuff pulled up. He wanted the mower so Thom worked out a deal with him --- I got a nice wood book case that I could refinish and he got the lawn mower.