Monday, August 24, 2009


Kacie's girly skirt and Mia's girly jumper are finished. Kacie was holding her skirt for the picture and the fan was wearing Mias.

I think I'm beginning to like my sewing room the best! I was so inspired by Karen Valentine's party of cozy places, I decided to really make my sewing room fun and functional. Today I built my second little shelf and filled it with more milk glass. Each milk glass piece holds some special things that I use.

I have been admiring all of your dress forms and today I found a little black one to sit on my shelf. Of corse I had to make her a skirt and a scarf and a necklace and a shoulder pin. Whoops, she doesn't have a blouse on. I want to be able to see her black form so she'll have to be ok with that.


  1. Your little dress form doll is so cute! Does she have a name???

  2. Yes, but I have to check with the birth records to make sure it's available. I'll tell you tomorrow.

    He, He Cindy

  3. Very cute sewing room. I think it would be fun to meet and go to Lavendar House. Do you have good days to go and do? Most days I can get away. It might be fun to bring Janis. Her blog is Let me know when would be good for you. Mimi

  4. Mimi, yes let's do, and yes, bring Janis. I have to check something upstairs, I be back with ya.