Friday, July 3, 2009

Todos Los Ninos (All the Children)

Four years ago a wonderful opportunity passed my way and I grabed hold with every thing I had. I became a member of a foundation called Todos Los Ninos (All the Children). This foundation was established by my friends Mike and Julie Rhodes of Liberty Utah. They, along with their family had served with Orphanage Support Services (OSSO) and their volunteer program. The Rhodes family traveled to Cuenca Ecuador to serve for 3months, in the many orphanages there. They later felt like there was something else they needed to do. They ask me to help.

Orphanage Support Service (Dr Rex Head), Todos Los Ninos and The Morrell Family Charity were going to build an orphanage.

I organized groups made up of eagle scouts, girl scouts, young women, wards, stakes, schools, and individuals from all over. We were going to gather new items that would be used in the new orphanages for 50 children. It was the most wonderful 3 years of my life. Over 10,000 items were hand packed and carried to ecuador. I traveled three times there myself to deliver things and furnish the Orphange. A large room in the orphanage is designated the store room.

The first picture is Julie Rhodes, Mike Rhodes, Dr Rex Head.
The second picture is The Morrell Family Charity standing by the painting done by Dale Parson.
The third picture is the open house, you are looking at the volunteers and children and the staff mothers that work 24-7 with the children. 1/2 of the new orphanage is in the background.
The fourth picture is me holding a quilt in the store room.

Every once and awhile I will post more of this great service, but if you would like to talk to me about it, call me, 801-553-9145.

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  1. Cindy, what a wonderful thing you are doing for los ninos! The quilts you make are muy bonita!