Sunday, July 5, 2009


I forgot my camera!!! All I have to show for our whole day up in Liberty at the 4th of July celebration is this little pillow I bought. However, I did sleep for 14 solid hours Saturday night and Sunday.

We had a most amazing day! Over 2000,00 people came throughout the day. It began Friday evening with a rodeo, then Saturday morning a great breakfast were we served 1000 people or so. A children's parade, of course. About 20 different booths, and 7 or 8 competitive activities.

Lunch was served. People came and went all day. Then from 2:00 to 6:00 a dutch oven meal was prepared for 250 prepaid people. Wow, was it good. Smith and Edwards donated 20 or so very nice gifts that were raffled off. The proceeds all going to the upkeep of the Liberty Park. A 4 wheeler was donated for the raffle with the proceeds to go to Todos Los Ninos, to be used for the orphanage in Ecuador. $800,00 was needed and it was reached by 9:00 p.m. There were several women competing for the quilt that I had made. It was really fun. The women that won had boughten allot of tickets.

Things were cleared off under the Bowery and the dis jockey's prepared for the dance. It was sooooo fun. The little girls are the first ones to start dancing, then a few older girls, then a couple of small boys, then dads, then moms, then the teenagers. I bet there were 500 people at the end of the dance. It was the most united activity of families and people, one girl in a wheel chair was having the time of her life.

From there everyone finds a place on the park grass lawn to settle down in, for the fireworks, It is so cool, 2000 or so people. Not one Police Officer. No need! A special tribute to our hero's in the service and the national anthem and BOOM, it's begun. My John and I had our chairs up close this year for 30 minutes of the most beautiful color and sparkle ever.

It's now 10:45pm. After all the hugs and thanks we left for home, getting home at 12:00. Which brings me to the 14hrs of sleep.

Our celebration was to honor the men and women who fought for our freedom of Liberty. We reverence their lives and examples.


  1. Love your new Patriotic pillow and the story of Liberty days, you seem to be really involved in it, thats so neat.Isnt that neat to have ladies wanting your quilt so bad. Love that you got 800.00 for your orphanage, thats big, congratulations! Liberty would be so beautiful this time of year too.Neat of smith and edwards to donate. Glad you held up all day and I can see why you crashed 14 hours, I would too.
    did I hear someone special was the MC? Does Joan Woodward still live there, I worked with her in real estate century 21 gage froerer. She loved it up there.
    America still craves patriotic...we need it so badly now more than ever.

  2. Good morning Brenda. Your so cute, I've realy missed you all these years.

    John Geilmann was the MC. Not sure I know Joan, but Gage still lives up there.

    We absolutely loved the day and will remember all of the honors for the whole year, untill next year. We should never have moved! But we have 6 or so years before John can retire. Unless John finds a bigger city, this is the best place to retire from. And that mean living here. Gotta Love it!

  3. Hi Cindy, sounds like you had a wonderful day in Liberty! My beautiful bookmark arrived today, thank you! I love it, pink and a rose, what could be better!!!!

  4. Cindy, I found your blog finally. The link you gave me didn't include cindy in the title. But alas I find it. I love the quilts you have made. I am not that patient. I make my babies a quilt and that is it. Baby size is my thing.