Friday, July 17, 2009

Enjoying a hot summer day

What a treat for me to be collecting so many friends who are all so talented. I love every body's blogs and shops. I enjoy spending some time this summer visiting some very beautiful shops. I bought these darling cups and saucers at "Lavender house" in South Jordan. They were the hit of our tea party.

Sometimes a Thank You is very appreciated. While shopping in "Just a bed of Roses" the other day, I found this simple note card with a fancy high heal. I can't wear them but now I can send them with a lovely note of Thanks. I also picked up my first Somerset Life Magazine. I'm excited to read it.

This is a great summer!


  1. Oooh Cindy, those teacups are beautiful, I LOVE violets! And that looks like one of your beautiful bookmarks, so lovely!

  2. Thank you so much Julie. Those are my fist teacups.

  3. Your tea cups will be so fun to use, you'll just feel like a pampered princess or feel like you have treated yourself special for a few moments of the day.
    Sorry I missed you, been taking too many days off, need to with this great painting weather.
    You are going to adore Somerset, you can look and look and never get enough.
    Aren't the thank you notes neat. That's certainly one of my goals this year is to send a thank you 2 times a week. It's just something we need to take time to do in life isnt it.
    Glad your having a great summer Cindy.