Friday, July 17, 2009


Miss Kacie Jo Parke - 6 years old - blond hair, blue eyes - very dainty - smart (like her grandma) - very fancy.

What a thrill for me to get to spend special time with my granddaughter. Kacie loves the book "Fancy Nancy", she is collecting them. Uncle Dallin took her to the book store Thursday and bought her the new Fancy Nancy Tea Party book. In it she had recipes (with recipe cards), decorations, and instructions about having a Fancy tea party.

We decided to have a tea party and I wanted to make her, her first recipe box (fancy of course). We went to Roberts, we bought a box, fancy scrapbook paper, and stickers and jewels. Kacie loves to cook and she is trying to keep recipes of the things she cooks. She also loves to dress fancy. She wore her Twirly Girl Skirt and several fancy pieces of jewelry, along with some black heels.

A fruit tart, a chocolate cream puff and fresh made lemonade complete the tea.


  1. Cindy, your little granddaughter is just precious! And the little box you made her is so pretty, you are such a talented lady!

  2. talk about cute! Your having too much fun being "grandma" arent you? Love the twirly skirt, well the whole outfit on her is adorable. And so glad you made it to Lavender House.