Friday, October 9, 2009


Brenda and Shellie have so many friends at this time of year. They just seem to be coming up out of the ground. I went with a friend to Gardner Village today. She was looking for a clock and I ---- was just looking. Before I knew it, I had picked up allot of people that know Brenda and her daughter from wayyyyyy back. Next thing I know I'm telling them about the P A R T Y and they beg me to take them along. What could I say --- yes!

I thought I'd better show you who they are so you can try and remember their names.
I think I might have to give you a clue of how to recognize me. I'll do that later.

I did happen to find the perfect black and crystal chandeler for my sewing room and a darling journal. This is to keep track of what I make and what I give away.


  1. Oh...your blog looks so halloween-ish! Thabks fir the visit and kind words, you are so nice,,come say hi anytime :D

  2. Hi Cindy, you are hanging around some really scary folks. I'd watch my back if I were you.
    What a fun place and sounds like you came home with a couple of pretties.

  3. I adore Gardner Village, especially at Halloween. I'm going to Shelli's on Friday too. Hope to see you there. Mimi

  4. Hi Cindy,.....I love all the "girls".....and your blog looks so good for Halloween! I am embarrassed to tell you that I now remember entering your contest, but never knew i won....probably because I never win anything...until NOW....I'm excited and grateful....can't wait to see it!!! I know it will be wonderful...xojana

  5. Great bunch of friends you found....although that one looks like she can be a real witch...
    Great pictures Cindy.

    The red lantern you ask about is on my Husbands mantel and I kind of let him do his thing in his den. There are a pair of antique mallards near the lantern and some carved wooden rams, plus he has a couple of Jim Beam collectors bottels from a wildlife series they put out many years ago.

    Have a great day Cindy, love the blog header picture. Terry

  6. Thanks Cindy...we have been on a "witch hunt" this week looking for these helped us out a bunch by inviting them.

    At night we check the skies pretty close at night to see if we are missing anyone...some run into trees you know...Rest in Peace.

    Thanks so much for the suprise in the mail, left my camera at home and have been to Shellies after work this week and week-end so didn't get to blog it. Love it and appreciate it.
    See you soon...are you bringing daughters? You could invite Jared wife. You won't be dissapointed...this manor is turning out very haunted and fun.

  7. P.S. glad you got to go to Gardners Village, how fun is that!

  8. Yes Cindy, those ALL look like my friends! I'm glad you finally got to meet them. I haven't been in close contact with them for awhile because they've been out causing trouble. At least I know where to find them now. haha. Great pictures!

  9. Thinking of you Cindy...hope all is the Hallowe'en images.
    happy day.