Monday, October 5, 2009


Last week I opened my blog to find that I had received the Honest Scrap Award. My computer did a blink and I lost the message before I could see who the giver was. There have been a couple others that have sent this award to everyone on their side bar.

I feel very honored to be apart of this so I will list 10 truths about myself. Then I'll give the award to anyone that wants to participate. I love all you gals!

1.I am soon to be an empty Nester. My youngest son is moving up North.

2.My old friends are so important to me, I love them with all my heart. AND my new friends are so special because they all brighten my day, motivate me, and keep me going.

3.I hope that I can give all of you a gift at some time. I'm crazy like that.

4.I will be moving my sewing room into a bigger room in a couple of weeks.

5. I love the rain, it calms me like nothing else. I love the smell, the sound, it's clear color and it's shape. I love the rain.

6. Blogging is a wonderful activity for me. Creative people are awesome, they light the fire under me. I am so happy and busy (I'll say I'm busy, I've still got 4 more gifts to get in the mail).

7. I absolutely love music. It is my comfort and my motivation.

8. I am a chocoholic.

9. I love spicy food.

10. I am very understanding.


  1. Glad to know 10 more things about you Cindy!
    Congrats on your award ~ you deserve it.
    everything vintage

  2. Congratulations on your award! Your ten things about you are very sweet. Where are you moving your sewing room? I am a chocoholic too....

  3. Hi Cindy,
    Reading your ten things was great and getting to know you a little more is a treat. Mmmm spicy food and're my kind of friend.
    Love the rain!

  4. Love the things you love too, nice to read more about you.

  5. Hi Cindy,
    I just became your #16 blog follower!! Your blog is so cute and I was glad to learn more about you.
    You are very talented.
    I can't wait untill I get a bigger sewing room.....I have 5 boys, all still live at home.
    Someday one of them is bound to move out so I can have a sewing/craft room. hehehe
    Take care and keep blogging!! I will check in often.
    Hugs, Denise