Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy birthday Dallin

Birthday party for Dallin. We are all so happy for him. He's moving up North. He's going to live in Aunt Marcia's home while she is on her second mission.

Our party consisted of chili, breadstix, Nothing Bunt Cake and icecream. Cookies, non fat chex mix and total fat halloween mix. Presents, Baloons and family. Oh, and spider suckers.


  1. Hi Cindy,
    Happy Birthday to Dallin. Wow, that chili looks delicious. Yummy. And are those lollipop spiders? How cute is that idea. Did you make those? Maybe you can share how you made them. :-D Everything looks great. Hope everyone had a blast. Have a wonderful evening.


  2. Happy bday Dallin. That chili looks delish and so great for this cold weather we're having. Mimi

  3. Happy Birthday Dallin!

    Your food looks scrumptious Cindy...great menu!

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  5. Happy birthday to Dallin. soooo many delicious things!! what a great party!!
    sweet dreams,

  6. Happy Birthday baby boy, looks like theres a big white creamy spider on that chocolate cake...mmmm
    Looks like a yummy party. Good luck on your move, and I am wondering where marsha is going?