Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I'm spending a few hours in Studio 58 today. Christmas is all put away - it will be stored in my memory and the memory of all those that shared it with me. My heart is full of the understanding that God lives and he directs us if we listen. I have enjoyed visiting your blogs and seeing your celebrations. Now I am enjoying seeing how you prepare for the new year. If your like me, you have to clean closets and storage places and organize everything.

But today, I'm simply blogging and dreaming of my first project for the new year.

I am inspired by the several yards of burlap that I bought before Christmas. I've never used it, but it's time. There is a very peaceful filling when I gather other natural colors to join it.

White milk glass, laces, ribbon, flowers.


I want to make this year simple and beautiful. I want it to be the best one yet!
I have always been happiest among natural color, however, I love lime green and plum. But mostly I love the colors of nature.

There is something vintage in me always trying to get out. I'm trying.

I hope that all of you will find time during this next year to visit your special place and find inspiration. Magical things are waiting for all of us! May our hands be blessed to create good things.


  1. Cindy , thanks for the nice comments on my crocheted dress. I am so proud of my mom, and to think that she was only 22 when she made it.
    I love you pictures , I have a lot to learn about presentation. Have a blessed day, Lynda

  2. I so agree with you. I love natural colors. I love throwing in the beautiful blue/green color also, like in the old jars you can find. Such a great way to add pops of color with the muted colors of nature.

  3. Just beautiful, I can't wait to see what you will create! :D

  4. Oh I just LoVe all the natural colors, laces, ribbon, flowers, shells and milk glass !
    And I am a huge fan of vintage buttons too !
    Beautiful Post !
    Thank you for sharing and popping into my world for a peek.
    Happiest every thing !

  5. Cute post! I love the treasures we find in unusual things! Have you ever done the one world one heart event?


  6. Cindy, I'm amazed how you can even take burlap and make it look beautiful!!!

  7. What's it going to be, I wonder? You'll come up with something cute. Happy 2011! Mimi