Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sunday morning I was hurrying to get ready for church, forgetting what the day was, and as I went into the great room and looked at my desk, laying on the computer was an envelope. I looked closer and I saw a picture of a baby. I looked closer still and I saw the words birth/death certificate.

I screamed -------- I have been wanting this for over 15 years and I've procrastinated getting it from the S.L. Health Dept.

My John came into the kitchen, I threw my arms around him and we both stood there and bawled for 5 minutes.

My heart was so touched. It was as if our daughter (Casey) was there saying "Happy Mothers Day Mom".


  1. Oh Cindy,
    I have no words except to say that you endured one of a mother,s worst nightmares and you survived. I can't imagine. Many hugs and prayers for you!!

  2. What a moment that must have been...I'm sure many memories came flooding back...God bless you. Come say hi :D

  3. Cindy, where is the picture of the Birth Certificate> Both of these pictures are of ther Death certificate. That was some surprise John cooked up for you.

    How are you coming with your "Story"? Haven't seen another chapter for awhile.
    Love, Mom

  4. That is so special, it made me cry too.....I know how much this means to you and what a wonderful husband to make your mother's day so memorable!

  5. Oh Cindy,
    Now I'm crying. First I read your sweet comment, then I see this post. Oh, bless you sweet friend. Lisa

  6. Cindy you won my giveaway! Which is funny because I won yours (the white dish with all that Easter candy) not that long ago. Anyhow congrats to you...the banner will be mailed from my daughter, Anna, to you. And Erica, the one who is making the truffles, will also be mailing them to you to seprate from what all that I will be sending you. Just email me your address. (jstbcuz_143@yahoo.com)

  7. I got all your comments but din't publish the one with your address. I'm glad that you are so happy! I should be sending out my stuff soon, I'm thinking on thursday. I will make sure the other two get your address and send out the rest as soon as possible! Have a great day! (I'm sorry that my email wouldn't work!?!)

  8. Cindy, that was really precious. Thank you for sharing that.