Monday, May 31, 2010


Saturday I received my mothers day gift from my daughter, her husband and their 4 children. The weather was suppose to be rainy, but, I have special connections up stairs and was able to change the direction of the storm. However, I wasn't able to get, the camera that I left in Farmington, to fly over here, so I was not able to get any pictures. ANYWAY

We all went outside to my front gardens that are very close to being pathetic. We stared at 9:00 and ended at 2:00. Every weed, dead grass, or strange growth was removed and tilled up. Two old miss shaped Alberta spruce trees were cut down and pulled out. This was the true meaning of service, not one complaint. I was the only one who took sit down breaks. Jody and Kevin were on their knees the whole time. Jackson sawed down the Alberta spruce and packed up the bed of the truck. Kacie cut dead tulips and weeded and helped plant two flats of ground cover and was the water girl. Max used the clippers and clipped off dead branches (and ate a dozen cookies). And little Mia, went from person to person giving special, "atta boy, hugs". The spirit that they brought to my home was amazing, true happiness is service, to the giver and the receiver. Everybody was tired, but oh, so happy!

I am so blessed.


  1. That is LOVE. Ive been trying to get to my Moms for some long overdue yard work with my husband and kids, also - for over a month now. With kids baseball and activities there never seems to be a spare hour. You are indeed very lucky. I bet you slept like a baby knowing your yard is now weed free.

  2. What a wonderful gift! The absolute best kind. When you get your camera back we want to see some pictures. Mimi