Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I absolutely love working in Aunt Elsie's Trinkets and Treasures. I have come to appreciate the beauty and the manufacturing of the old things so much. I want to collect so many different treasures. My newest love is vintage glass. You know that I have collected Milk Glass for some time now and I started to collect small glass salt and pepper shakers. I have found a few more small glass bottles that I want as well as this beautiful cobalt blue glass. The blue would be very different for me. I use allot of fall colors. What do you think? Do I dare?

What I like most about working with vintage and antiques is the people that love it. They are wonderful!


  1. Hi Cindy,
    I love old glass too!! This blue is gorgeous!
    Happy day!

  2. That blue IS pretty! Go for it. There is nothing like sunlight streaming through cobalt glass. It would be a hard place for me to work...I would buy up most of the store. It would be great fun though. Good for you. ; )

  3. Old glass, there is nothing like it!
    Glad your appreciating its beauty and enjoying your work.

  4. I love the cobalt blue Cindy! It will work great with your colors. I love vintage glass too. I'm always picking it up at yard sales and flea markets too.
    I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying the work. I love meeting people and getting to know all kinds of personalities too. I'm one of those annoying people in the line at the bank or the grocery store who will just start chatting with you like I've known you all my life. lol
    My kids got moved to Layton this past week, so I think I will be frequenting Utah a lot now! This is my daughter who has five of my seven grandchildren, so you can imagine that I will be wanting to visit often. They have a place where we can come and park our trailer so that Landon can be comfortable in his surroundings as well. I hope to meet you face to face very soon!

  5. Hi Cindy,
    Just wanted to come over and let you know that I was back...Yay! I'll be posting about the beautiful gifts you sent me in the next couple of days...Thank you! Have a wonderful day my dear friend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  6. Hi there Cindy ~ I love old glass. I even have a jar of all the broken glass that I found on our property after an old farm was leveled (very sad) to build our development. Some is green, some brown, some pottery and china cups. It helps me to remember that we are all just passing through and to appreciate the past, no matter how small or broken. When you put it all together in one jar ~ its beautiful. Many hugs & thanks ~Dee

  7. Hi again Cindy ~ Yipes! I just noticed in your first photo - behind the blue bottles are a stack of the dishes I am trying to collect. Can I ask, do you own it, work there, frequent that shop? How can I find out how much it is? I told you I love glass:)

  8. Love the blue! It's beautiful among the milk glass!