Saturday, March 6, 2010


I just came back from visiting Denise over at Aunt Elsie's Trinket's and Treasure's at Gardner Village. The shop will no longer be in the little red house on Redwood road and Everybody that loves that little house will be so sad. But everybody that loved the Village White shop at Gardner Village will be happy because that is where we've moved. We don't know what happened to the Village White shoppe but we are sure going to love the space. Who wouldn't love having more square footage, a huge front porch, a pond with real geese out your front door, a bridge and a candy shop to the right of us and Archabalds to the left of us. Oh, and a lot more people traffic.

We are waiting for West Jordan City to come and inspect. After that happens we will be open for business.

I will post the opening here on this blog and also on auntelsie'

We look forward to seeing you!



  1. This is your shop? I love Gardners Village so much...I have been going there with my daughters for years! I will have to come in and give you a big hug next time I'm cool for you..this new shop! :D

  2. Congratulations! How lovely to be able to look out on a pond of ducks from your new shop location!

  3. I can't wait to see it whenever I get to get down there. It sounds like a wonderful place to get some goodies.

  4. thanks for your visit and your kind and very sweet words!
    I am glad your my friend too!!!
    If you give me your adress ect. I will send you a handmade gift!!!

    Jippie is just a dutch expression of Joy!!!
    I am very very glad we sold our house and we found one with such a big garden for all our animals and for those, yet to come!!!

    the name of the street of our new home is 'Heerweg'
    translation of 'Heer' is "Lord"
    so in english it would be "LORDSTREET"
    Gr. xxx Anna

  5. Looks like it's gonna be great. So fun on Friday. Love ya...Mimi