Thursday, December 10, 2009


When I go to my favorite vintage shop to meet a friend and look for treasures, I know that I will have so much fun and that I will be inspired by the beautiful art that surrounds me. More then that happened to me yesterday. I want to share with you my experience because this is the time of year that much is given and much if received. If we are lucky, something special happens, to let us know that God is the Father of us all and his son, was indeed, born that Christmas morn in a little town in Bethlehem.

I was meeting a wonderful friend, named Mimi Sue, in one of those special shops, called 'Just A Bed Of Roses'. As I entered the store I saw Brenda the shop owner. Brenda is always so sweet and helpful when I'm there, she and I share a warped sense of hummer so we see hummer in everything and we always have fun. Mimi came in the door and now we're all having fun. As I stand and take in all of the talent and beauty of things I began feeling chills run up my arms. I listened, first with my ears, then with my heart. I could feel love and strength. I was being touched deep down, in my soul. The shop was filled with a tender, yet strong, voice. I felt so happy and secure, I felt grateful for being me and receiving this special gift. Tears fell and I hugged Mimi. We both knew that we were hearing something very special and that we wanted to take that voice home with us. Susan Boyle was the voice behind the gift and Brenda opened her heart and shop to let it pass through, but it was God that whispered to my heart what I needed to hear. That Christ was born of Mary a long time ago. He lived to bring us the message of our Father in Heaven and he died to give us life eternal.

Thank you 'Brenda' for your open heart.

Thank you 'Mimi' for your true friendship.

Thank you 'Susan' for being who you are.

Thank you 'Father' for your continued love.


  1. Oh Cindy, such a beautiful post! I hope everyone feels the love of God in their hearts, always, but especially at this time of year when we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.xoxox Christel

  2. Loved this! I wish I had been there too..all of you are so wonderful...Susan's voice I love too! Keep that spirit with you..Love ya! :D

  3. It was so fun to shop and visit with you yesterday. I've been listening to my CD all day today. The hubby loves it too. Thanks for the fun time my sweet friend. Mimi

  4. what a great experiance!
    I love susan' s voice too..
    have a very nice weekend

  5. What wonderful blessings! :) Wishing you peace and joy, Tammy

  6. I felt the "love" too...and I knew it was touching you deeply. Happy you two came in that morning.
    Susan boyle needs to hear your story. I too listened to that tape the whole day at the shop.
    It was delightful having you too in, and then Kelly pops in adding to the mixture.

    I'm still laughing about how you told me to "go get you the tape and you'll watch the shop"...that was great! Had it not taken me triple time to get to the shop because of bad weather that day I may have been extra nice and done it, but I'm not as strong as I use to be.
    The Christmas spirits with you and any of us that will recognize it this time of year and use it for what its meant to be.
    Read the Christmas Sweater if you want a memorable and inspiring read. It's not just about the birth of Christ either, he did die for us so that no matter what we have done it can all be erased and life can be happy. Love this book!

  7. The true spirit of Christmas.......lovely post...xojana

  8. Cindy if I didn't read another blog tonight I would feel that my time here at this computer was so worth it just being able to read your lovely words. This post has touched me so and I want you to know that I am so grateful for your words.

  9. Cindy,

    What a beautiful post, it gave me chills! I look forward to getting to know you. I am in love with Susan's voice as well. Merry Christmas.


  10. Cindy,
    It sounds like a wonderful day! I'm going to have to go buy Susan's CD, I love her story. Thank you for all of the sweet comments you leave for me. It would be so fun to sit and teach eachother crafting stuff! I find my music all kinds of places. Library sales, garage sales & my best resource my father in law. He's a minister and brings me hymnals that are damaged. Email me your address, I'll share some. Lisa

  11. Cindy,
    This is so lovely.

    Received your note via comment.

    email me and i will give you my address.
    Box is ready to send, but no hurry on my end.
    Just if you want it for Christmas should probably get it off soon. =0)


    barbara jean



  13. Cindy,
    Recieved your dhcek yesterday.
    Sick and cannot get out right now.
    will mail asap.

    re Susan Boyle: I just recently heard of her, and the thought of her singing, and her story, bring tears to my eyes.
    What a blessing how God has changed her life and made her dream come true.
    And how blessed we are to be able to join in that blessing and get to hear her sing now.

    Thank you for sharing about your

    blessings, peace, and joy this Christmas as we celebrate our Savior's birth.

    barbara jean

  14. Love that Susan Boyle. She is a gift that should of been discovered years ago!!!

  15. I think I'm getting Susan Boyle's new CD for a birthday gift in a couple days. Is it Christmas? Or everyday music? I look forward to hearing it.