Tuesday, September 8, 2009


While my family is off hicking the hills, I'm checking out Urban Renewal here in St. George. It's a nice size store and it's always changing. I loved the jewlery tables and the dinning table. I bought the tin basket.

Next, on to Main Street Antiques. It's not a very big store but they have alot and they are so very sweet and helpful. I always ask for milk glass at first and they run around and pull it out from everywhere. If I had a shop, the milk glass would be the star of the show. It would be in the cutest display in the shop. The mink coat was a thrill to see.

Last was TJ Max. They have those everywhere but it changes all the time. This is where I found my long legged Lillie.

That's all the shopping I got to do. I quess I didn't have the right people with me. Oh well, it was fun. I won't be here next week to participate in White Wednesday. I will be in Montrial Canada. I'm taking my camera, and my French 101 book. I expect it to be grand. Come see me the week after next.


  1. Love your blog, your pillows are amazing! Lisa

  2. HI CINDY...oops...that post wasn't supposed to be up yet...I'm working on my pictures and was "testing" them....you enter the monthly giveaway by simply commenting (you will need to comment again as I am deleting that accidental post) and if you join as a follower for the month, then you are entered twice...there is nothing else you have to do....thanks....you post of whites is beautiful.......love your pillows..xojana

  3. Hi Cindy,
    What a shopping trip. Such fun. I really love that chamber pot. That would've had to come home with me.

  4. Hi Cindy,
    Beautiful whites, and I took a peek at your pillows, wow! So, so pretty! Just one question: what is jungle chocolate? Sounds good!
    ~ Anne

  5. Cindy, Sounds like you had a great day shopping. Love all the white things. Your basket is darling.

    Happy White Wednesday.

  6. Hi Cindy! Great shopping here!
    I don't have your email but I'm responding to your comment that you left for me recently...
    I'd love to "swap" but unfortunately now is not a good time for me as I have MUCH on my plate at the moment. I do hope to swap in the future with you (maybe after the holidays?), until then have fun creating!!!!
    everything vintage

  7. Hi Cindy,
    Beautiful whites! Thanks for sharing and for stopping over to my blog to say hi.

  8. Love all those whites! I have the beach all the time, but I have never been to Canada! Enjoy!!

  9. You have some great shopping places, that large white coffee pot is wonderful! I love a mix of old and new. Keeps things interesting!

  10. Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for coming by.

    Love your tall table, and that table in the last pic.

    Off to see more now.
    barbara jean

  11. Yeah, its working from my blog now, your right, it did have an s in it. Nice pictures, love them

  12. Great pics of white and I'm loving those pillows on your blog header.

    Take care,


  13. Hi CIndy
    Thanks for stopping by. Your whites are great this week and sounds like you had a blast shopping

  14. Have fun on your trip. When you get back will you email me? My email address is on my blog. Then we'll decide when to meet. My life's been a little crazy. Mimi

  15. Enjoyed our little 'swing' together yesterday. Wish I could have tagged along on your spree, looks like some nice places.
    Ayez un voyage sûr à Montrial et attendez avec intérêt voir ce que l'appareil-photo capture. Bye pour maintenant !

  16. Forgot to tell you where the swings are...the U.K. at oddlimited.com

  17. Fun shopping for those goodies.Looks like you got to see some cool stuff.TJ's I love that store.I did check out your friends blog.Thanks for sharing that one.I will keep her in mind.Have a safe trip.I too will miss white wednesday.We will be on the road to Las Vegas.My 23 yr son is getting married there the 19th.Fun Finds 2 U..Chickie

  18. Well, if you have to miss White Wednesday...it better be for a good reason...Montreal is just that!! Lovely shopping with you today! Thank you for your visit!

  19. Love all those pretty whites! Looks like you had fun at that marvelous store...I would love to visit sometime. You left a comment for me asking if the trays were milk glass..no, they aren't, and I'm not real sure what they are...maybe porcelain. I love milkglass, though, and used to have some, but they've disappeared...funny how that happens!

    Have a wonderful week!


  20. Wow, what a great store! I love that coffee table and the dining table too. Thanks so much for stopping by Mimi's Garden today and leaving such a sweet note. Have a great week...Kathy

  21. Including the shot of Marilyn was a stroke of genius! ;) Great "white" pics - all of them!

  22. I wish I had been with you on that shopping trip in St. George, it looked like a lot of fun.