Sunday, September 27, 2009


I went into Just a bed of Roses again the other day, where I was met with the most exciting Halloween decorations I've ever seen. Brenda is the Queen. Brenda can modivate the dead to walk. Here I am sewing up a storm in black and white and orange.
I saw a black and sparkel chandelier in the store. Black lace runners, how charming. I can do black and I love chandeliers and lace. I've decided that each room will get one halloween display. How can I not decorate for Halloween when there is such darling things in Brenda's shop. I was even a witch once - totally scared the neighbors dog, he didn't like me for ever after that.

Scrappy bags, book marks, cards and tags. FUN, FUN, FUN


  1. Cindy......oh you make me laugh, making the dead walk!
    I love your scrappy bags, the fabric is just fabulous.
    sounds like you are in the Halloween spirit...that's a good thing! Thanks for coming in, it's always good to see you.

  2. Wow Cindy, how do you have the time to make all those things? They are really beautiful by the way.

  3. Great bags! Thursday sounds great. They are having a boutique (Kountry Kupboard) up at the ogden fairgrounds this week. Do you want to go? What time is your hair appt? You could come by my house or I could meet you somewhere. I know Janis (her blog is Grams) wants to go too. I have an assignment to clean the Bountiful Temple on Thurs evening so I can't be gone too long that day. Anyway give me a call. My cell phone # 8017556503.

  4. Those look great! Very creative..
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. love those bags!!!

    Barbara jean