Thursday, June 25, 2009


WELCOME TO MY HOME AND TO MY HEART: I am a huge fan of Blogging, my daughter got me going on it and I've been at it for over two years. I have just created this blog, "Stitches-n-Stuff". The purpose of this blog is to purely have fun and let my imagination go wild and grow. I am finding so many other women who, like me, like to use their imaginations. My profile tells a bit about me and you will learn more by visiting my blog. My door is always open and so is my heart.
I love to make things for people and my first winner is Julie at Idyllhours. She wins because she is the first person I visited using this new blog. I do things randomly. You could be next!


  1. Oh Cindy, your new blog is beautiful! Your house looks so warm and inviting and your pots of flowers so pretty. I think it is so cute you like to be called "Albuelita" little grandma! (I speak Spanish better than I do French!) I am so excited I won your giveaway! Thank you sweet Cindy! Congratulations on your new blog!

  2. Julie - I need your home address so I can send you your gift. I am going to tell on the blog, about the word "Abuelita" and how it became mine. I have two children who are fluent in spanish, but I can't seem to learn it.

  3. Hi Cindy! Welcome to the party!

    My Desert Cottage

  4. Great cindy, your still at it and I love the feel of this blog.
    I will get you added to my sidebar tonight for sure, thanks for letting me do so.