Thursday, November 18, 2010

One of my most favorite spots in Ogden, when I was growing up, was Farr's Ice Cream. I was a steady-single scoop of chocolate kind a gal. To this day, I'm still chocolate, sometimes I want coconut or banana in it. This building still sits today in the same place. The inside color has been redone a very strong light green. It's always been green, but not this strong.

Every flavor your heart desires is served her. The red headed gal is dishing me up a quart of spamonie. My John and I were getting desert to go with the rib-eyed steaks and salad and toasted garlic bread with creamy Irish butter, that we were taking to Clint and Kylie's new house. Kind of my way to open their new home.

Yum, Yum, Cherry Chocolate Cherry-O-lets.

Old fashioned candy, anyone?

Yum, creamy ice cream.

One scoop of chocolate please.

I am in rainbow heaven here. Or, some may call it sugar heaven. I will do another post to show the rest. of the evening.


  1. There is a new Farr on Washington just before 40th. You would LOVE it! It is set up as a cute little Mercantile! They have all the stuff the original Farr's has plus some!

  2. Thanks for the memories! It has been forever since I have been there. We would go there after visiting the Temple. We haven't live in that area for some time. It was some good ice, I want some ice cream! ;-)

  3. The night of my retirement party we went there and Thom, John and I all three ordered licorice ice cream. What a great memory that place is. Thanks for reminding me of such a place.