Thursday, June 17, 2010


I'm adding this pic to my bloggers party because I wanted it in the pictures but didn't have it done. I've combined vintage with modern and my contemporary design. I LOVE IT! I found this old chair. Cleaned it up, took the seat off, pulled off the fabric, sray painted the chair and covered the seat. OH YEA.........

Yea, it's party day at Karen's. I'm going to try and visit every one. Let me show you where I love to work. I have so many more ideas for this room. It will keep me busy this next year.

Thanks to Karen, I now know how to comment after each picture.

Karen is creating me a new blog. It's soooooo awesome, come visit it. It's on my side bar.

You will see many projects lined up to be done on these shelves. Busy, Busy.

Actually, this cute pen and tiny perfume bottle go with a drawing gift. They need to get mailed.

This was so easy to make. I keep all the sweet cards I get from wonderful blogger friends in it.

I have only one milk glass plate.

Every artist should have an apron, don't ya think? I think I'll make aprons for my drawings this year.

After looking at this pic, I see that I should put the letters G A R B A G E on this big plastic bucket I found at Harmons georcery store.

I love to use this tea died seam binding from Just a bed of Roses.

This is a wool pin cusion, I got it in Midway. My granddaughter Kacie wants all of the pins to be grouped according to color. I try - believe me.

I couldn't pass this up at Hobby Lobby. It's so true!

Aweeeeeee! What would be do without a computer. I just upgraded so I'll be a little faster. Maybe not any better, but at least faster.

I believe this mirror came from Just a bed of Rose's.

This was another fun find. Actually I was given this wire shelf free. I saw such potential in it. Sure enough, a can of spray paint and hang it on the wall. What a wonderful place for my treasures.

You can't see the pictures on the back of the wall very well. They are some black and white pencil drawings. I got them in Ecuador. This next year I will have them framed.

I am so grateful to have this whole room to use. I can even fill the closet. Target has some wonderful stackable drawers.

Grandma Allreds sewing machine. I've never used it, but her buttons and things are still in the drawers.

My father made these quilt stands for me. They stand all in one. Easy to carry.

I've known for a long time what I wanted to do with this window. I even made the banner 5 months ago. I haven't found the antique sheers I want though, so I made just a simple cotton panel.

These eight little toe head children are my favorite project. I love how the green trees in the back ground look with the green desk.

I found apple green and blue plastic tubs at Harmons. I thought they would be great to put my different projects in and place them around the back of the tables. This green desk if my very favorite find of the whole year. She's very antique and in great shape. She came from Aunt Elsie's. I have placed a few of the projects that I have yet to make on her.

A year ago I had taken all of the donations, that I kept on my tables, to the orphanages in Equador. After visiting Karens Blogger party I decided to turn the room into a sewing room. I found these simple white shelves at Target and I like how they worked for me at the back of the tables, so, I just kept buying them.

Milk Glass, some of it you can put to work holding things, other pieces just have to look pretty.

I am so excited to visit all of you at the party. I hope you all have had as much fun as I have getting ready for today. I am already starting to think of things to do for next year.

I've decided to change my rooms name from Sewing room, to Studio. My cute hubby likes that better. I figure that if that's all I have to do for him today, that's not too bad.

SO, WELCOME TO MY STUDIO! I found so many wonderful treasures to use in this room. The last thing I added was two more shelves and I spread everything out. WOOPS, now I feel a little bare. Oh well, I'll just have to go treasure hunting again this next year. My granddaughters have helped me get ready for the party. They each love to create in the Studio. You might have noticed the metal H and K, Hannah and Kacie.


  1. Hi Cindy:
    Love your studio makeover...and changing the room's name from "sewing room" to "studio" was a big move, too. I especially like the apple green color and how you rearranged everything. Wonderful!!

  2. Wow...what a creation room you have go in there and never come out! Good luck and much happiness in creating! Come say hi :D

  3. Looks wonderful! Great photos!

  4. I love the picture of the kids looking over the fence. That was priceless.

  5. Love that green with the black and white. Looks like you have a pile of projects! Mimi

  6. Hi Cindy, That is a great place to create! I luv all the colors you chose. Have yourself a great weekend. And Thanks for stopping by for VTT....Julian

  7. Cindy -

    What a great room! I have some of the same milk glass but never thought to put some in my room. I have that same plate - it was my grandmother;s. Thanks for sharing your Studio.


  8. The greens are so pretty! You have a super selection of fabrics and the banner flag is so cute! Thanks for sharing your creative space! Well done!

  9. I am sure the creative juices are flowing when you enter the door to your special place. I love all the storage, esp the ribbons, buttons and notions. I would love to hang out in there for awhile. Beautiful room Cindy and thankyou so much for sharing it with us today. It was my pleasure meeting you, Char

  10. I love the color just inspires you to create. You have a lot of wonderful projects in the works. I'll have to check in often to see what your up to.

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  12. Oops, I'll try this again. Cindy, thanks for visiting my little blog today. I am niether Smushi nor Bee. Both are the nicknames of my children. I would really like to trade some cards with you. I need to get a few more made so I have a better selection. I have never done this before in blogworld. I am only two and a half months old here. Just e mail me and keep in touch.
    I really liked how the white glass looks on that black shelf and I LOVE the green desk. Many nice pics as well.

  13. A great creative space! I love your wire shelf and milk glass collection! And our banner is cute too!


  14. Hi Cindy! Your studio is very sweet. So many of you are lucky enough to have your grandma's sewing machine. That makes creating all the more special. Thanks for commenting on my studio. I appreciate your sweet words.



  15. What a great creative space! Love all your milk glass, especially the shoe!
    WOW! What a super creative space!
    Queen Bee Studio

  16. Oooppppps! Once you add a shelf - YA GOTTA SHOP!!!!! That's what makes it all so fun.
    Love your "studio". I call mine that too, even though I'm not what a normal person would call an artist, it's still my creative space. Love your banner. And the wire rack looks great. I think my favorite thing would have to be your sign! PERFECT! I love that!
    Thanks for visiting my space today. this party is just too fun and Karen V is the best!
    Have a good evening! Karen ~ Some days are diamonds

  17. Love all the apple green in your fabulous creative space! Love the milk glass, I have a few pieces myself. So, enjoyed my visit with you. Enjoy the rest of the party.

  18. Hi Cindy!
    So great to meet you and love your studio! In fact...totally love all the milk glass as I love white! Thanks for a fun tour!

  19. Cindy it is wonderful. To think that this is the space you made my beautiful new bag I won in your giveaway! You have the best containers to hold all your lovelies...I love your banner, it is beautiful!
    Cindy I am still in awe of all the beautiful things you sent me. Thank you so much.

  20. Hi!

    What a great sewing studio you have filled with so many wonderful treasures!!!

    LOVE that vintage sewing machine AND the hanger that the apron is hanging on as well as that apron!!! I don't have one and I'm thinking I need one!

    Thank you for stopping by tonight and your lovely comment!

    Have a great evening!


  21. Love your sewing room/studio, especially the green desk and your wonderful milkglass collection you use to store your pretty treasures in. I really enjoyed your tour.

  22. wow what a great space you have to do your beautiful work in. So glenda

  23. What a wonderful creative space!

    I adore your storage solutions. You have inspired me to work on my own crafting paradise.

  24. Hi Cindy!!! I LOVE the back and white with the apple green! Great combination! You did a wonderful job on your party post! Thank you so much for joining in on the fun. It wouldn't have been the same without you! Big Hugs!
    My Desert Cottage

  25. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! You have a wonderful art room! Your milk glass collection and silhouette apron holder is divine :)


  26. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it
    You have such a peaceful art space......i love that you have kept your grandmother's old sewing machine. What a wonderful connection to the creative women from your past. I love you banner too!

    Love, violette

  27. Oooh, what a wonderful space! I LOVE that acid green and all the milk glass - and that banner is FAB! Thank you for your visit, Kristin xo

  28. hi there, thanks for visiting my blog. I love your colors, and all your darling ways to store things in vases. cool cool ideas.

  29. Good Morning, Cindy,
    Your studio is so cheerful. I like all of your colors and you are so color coordinated!

    Thanks for sharing your creative space. Have a wonderful Wednesday ~Natalie

  30. I love your little special place! So glad you have such a wonderful place to create in.

  31. I love the touches of bright green in your studio! Thank you for inviting us to visit.

  32. Hi Cindy,
    How wonderful that you have your Grandma's sewing machine. What a treasure indeed. I loved your banner, I was thinking of making one myself (someday) And you are right, you definitely NEED to do some more treasure hunting for supplies. Don't we all ;)

  33. hi cindy,

    you have so many wonderful things! your grandmother's sewing machine is gorgeous! can a sewing machine be gorgeous?
    oh, and that milk glass. parents have the exact same desk, only theirs is not that beautiful green. it' just boring stained... but i was eyeballing it when i was home this month and thought it would great in my studio.
    glad to see you are getting to use yours, even if my mom won't give me theirs...

  34. Hi Cindy,
    What a wonderful creative space you have. Love your milk glass collection and all the black accents. I think a touch of black is very elegant. How clever of you to use vintage crocheted pieces to decorate your banner, WOW. Love all the personal touches, your Grandma's sewing machine, the picture of the children standing on the fence....for me, personal touches put the "love," in "I love my studio."

    Best Wishes,

  35. It looks like you have created a great space for yourself. I loved seeing all the milk glass as well as the forest green glass on the cute little green desk. I have been collecting both, plus royal ruby for years. Thank you for the tour!

  36. Hi Cindy, What a great place to create, It sure is fun haveing a whole room to your self to play in! I love that apple green desk and That vintage sewing machine... Thanks so much for inviting us in to take a peek... I enjoyed my stay!
    Hugs, Linda

  37. What a great space..Love the green, the tiger fabric on the chair and so many of the detail that went in to creating your creative space...Wow!

  38. Hi Sweetie!
    I'm sorry it took so long for me to make it over here. June was a crazy but amazing month for me & I'm finally catching up. Enough of that.
    LOVE the green desk, love it so much that I have your address & might come get it. Kidding...maybe...LOL
    All of your displays are so well put together. It looks like a quilt shop, all the colors grouped so well & the cute green baskets.
    Very favorite thing in the studio is Grandmas' sewing machine (I have my own GMs) & the banner. That banner is awesome Cindy! Love the way it all looks with the free wire shelf (I remember when you got it). Great work my friend. Lisa

  39. Hi Cindy,
    I haven't been over to visit for a while so I thought I'd just stop by and say hello. Hope all is well with you my dear friend...By the way, great work studio...Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  40. I love your mild glass collection and how you have used it as display and storage for your supplies, especially that shoe full of buttons! That green desk is awesome too! Thank you for sharing your creative haven.

  41. Cindy, Did your Allred line come through Nauvoo? I found some Allreds at Land and REcords, but I didn't know if they were yours. If they are, let me know who and I'll follow up on getting some history for you.

  42. Stopping by from lovelycraftyhome! Love your new studio, it looks like a great and inspiring space!