Friday, November 13, 2009


I am very grateful right now - grateful for health and the ablity to over come. I'm healthy again. I've joined the living.

I spent the other day with 3 friends of 10 years. As we passed around hugs, I realized how rewarding renewals are. Distance doesn't serve us well, so our friendship can only be renewed once's a year. As I first set eyes on them all of the memories came back. A good friend is someone that, it doesn't mater how long you are apart, when you get together - you take off right where you left off.

Kathy loves Fairy's and she has a collection of them. You all know how I have been looking for a cherub, but haven't had any luck, this longing started way back with Kathy and her fairy's. While Kathy and I were in a shop at Gardner Village I found a little fairy. I bought it for me, to remind me of Kathy. I am working on her name. A sweet blogging friend made two suggestions to me, they look beautiful, but I can't pronounce them. I'm sure I will choose one of them. Kathy and her husband are leaving in January to serve as President and Matron of the African Mission Training Center for 2 years. I'll think of her fondly as I admire my little Fairy.

This is her - her poise stir's my heart.

I hope that you all find the passions of life this Holliday season that take you to great heights.


  1. I think she looks very sweet
    and think your friend will adore her!
    have a great weekend!

  2. So glad you are among the living now cindy...could of been worse you know.

    Wow, to be president and matron of the african that would be an experience, and how nice to be friends so they can share this experience with you.

    Now your fairy can remind you of her...that's really special and thanks for sharing your day with us
    I'm in christmas up to my eyeballs!

  3. Hi there..yes, it's crazy!! We were at the temple all day and i come home to find 103 comments!!! The drawing for my GIVE A WAY will be monday morning! I'm so excited!! :D (your fairy is so sweet)

  4. What a great reminder of your friend!!! I also love Faries and yours is perfect.

  5. Cindy...I just made my own templates and then spray painted them to make the words onthe flad sign :)

    you CRACK ME UP...your comments are so funny!!!!
    and i love that fairy!!

  6. Hi Cindy,
    I am so happy to hear that you are feeling much, much better. Just wanted to come over and check up on you. :-) Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and a great new week.

    Oh and by the your post. Friends are a true blessing. What an adorable little fairy and beautiful reminder of a dear friend. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Tons of love,

  7. Glad you're feeling better. Old friends are great and it's nice to be making new friends, don't you think? Love your little fairy. Mimi

  8. Hi Cindy
    Glad you are up and around! Your little fairy is beautiful.
    Thanks for stopping by and what ever you want I will do but not quite sure on what it is yet:) Did you want me to send you an angel or the class stuff???? my email is or shop number is
    630-545-0115 Take care
    Oh and I have decided to do a Nativity scene in my front display window at the shop with the Christmas story in the background!!!!