Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Welcome to Hannah's sleepover breakfast at Neaders.

Before you can get your scrumptous French Toast, you have to go past all of the mouth watering desserts. Tarts.

Key Lime Pie

Assorted yummies!

Finally, we've ordered and are sitting down.

The French Toast here is to die for.

Grandpa really is happy to be here, he just likes to fool ya. Hannah was sooo happy.


  1. Now thats my kind of breakfast...really! :D

  2. I WANT A SLEEPOVER BREAKFAST! Holy cow, that looks fantastic! I went to a poor excuse for a bakery today, to get a friend a birthday treat. The woman put the cream puff in a plastic container and promptly SMASHED THE LID DOWN ON TOP, TURNING IT TO A PANCAKE. Who does that? Honestly. Next time, I'm going to Neaders.

  3. I did not visit you for a while, butI am glad to read you are doing fine!
    I am still very busy with rebuilding and refurbishing of our house!
    but I am doing oké health I mean!
    we are very happy here and all our animals too, we found a fantastic place to live!
    Lovely Greetz from Holland XXX

  4. I think that's a place to put on top of the "to do" list!

    Glad your having fun with Hanna...she is such a happy fun girl, can tell you love her.

    John smiles like have to prompt!
    (they are really having a good time inside)
    especially when there is yummy food, right!

  5. Yum!!1 I want to come next time :)

  6. It looks like a really fun event. Tell the kids Hi for me!

  7. YUMMO! I want everything I see! I was blog hopping today and seen so many treats. I wish I was more of a baker. My sister can make all these goodies, I just don't have the bakers touch. I'm glad everyone had a great time!

  8. well thanks to this beautiful post I am starving now....those dishes are gorgeous and that french! okay...heading upstairs for some bran cereal...ugh! I am thrilled with the results of your test and surgery. I can only imagine you are floating right now. yay!!

  9. I think I need a sweet fix now Cindy. This all looks so yummy! Is this place in SL? I think Hannah looks like she is enjoying it all so much. And yes, I have a husband that looks that thrilled most of the time.LOL! Especially in pictures!!!

  10. Hi I just stopped by becaue I saw the note you left on jojo's blog & I loved the encouragment you gave her & I REALLy loved how your comment proclaimed Christ!

    It is so good to come over here & read your page too & YEAH!!! Cancer free! That is so awesome & such a blessing! & thanks again for using your trials to encourage others!

    P.S. your handiwork is gorgeous!!!!