Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer is coming to an end and six pieces of my heart are back in school all day. What does one do when one doesn't have a house full of grandchildren to play with. Well, it's easy for this one -- the next best thing -- create and blog about it.

You will remember that awhile ago I showed you two of the 100 year old pieces off my grandmothers porches in Ephraim Utah. I wasn't sure what I should do with them. I knew that they were going to go in grandma's room, but was I going to strip them and refinish all of them, or maybe touch up the paint that was on them to make them look cleaner. THIS IS THE COOL PART! I had a dream!

AND, in that dream, I was very young and I was visiting my grandma in Ephraim. We were talking about her home and she told me not to change the history in these pieces because they were all that was left of her home. She did tell me that it would be all right to add a little bling though.

SO, I cleaned them with an air gun and gently washed the painted parts. Then I attached little pink Crystal knobs in the holes that were already there. They are a much ruff er and older look then the rest of the room. I'll just have to work hard to bring older things into the room to keep them company.

I was very lucky on my last shopping trip with my friend Mimi Sue. I found hand crocheted, white, runners, cheep, real cheep.

I'm going to let you in on a new journey I'm being ask to travel on. A couple of months ago I found a lump on my neck, which I ignored for two months. I finally decided that I needed to have it checked. My doctor wanted me to see an E.N.T. specialist. He called me back last Tuesday with the prognosis. He thinks I have Papillary Cancer. The lump is on a gland next to the Thyroid. I am going into the hospital tomorrow for surgery. There is a machine that will be right there that can tell if it's malignant or benine. That will depend on how much they take out. If it really is this cancer then it's the most common and the easiest to cure.

I have no symptoms other then the lump and I feel just fine. Ya know, it really is true, the older you get, the more you go through, then the more you realize that this to shall pass. I am comforted by knowing, that as Nephi was returning to Jerusalem to seek the records belonging to his people, he says, "And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do" nevertheless, I went forth. And he was blessed and found that the Lord had made way for him to obtain the records. I will let you know the outcome.


  1. Good luck with your surgery. I will be praying for you. That is great that they have a machine to tell you about it right then and there. Technology has come so far today that they can perform some greatly needed and quick results. I want to hear all about it. I am rooting for you:)
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  2. Saw the post on Jodell's FB and have been thinking a lot about you. Glad to know this is a very curable cancer if that is what it is though! Love you!

  3. I love your faith, and your optimism. Beautiful pieces from your grandmother's home, too~maybe she'll be allowed to be there with you for your procedure. All will be just as it should be.

  4. Cindy it is so sweet that you trust us to tell about your hospital visit tomorrow.

    You do have great faith and that is what is needed right now along with all of us saying our prayers on your behalf and the dr.s who will treat you.

    Love your vintage memories

  5. Love to you along with massive amounts of hugs and kisses.

  6. In the Old German Book of Mormon, they took out all of the "IT came to pass" entries and it shortened the book by 12 pages. It has since been put back in. The Lord had it put in the Book for a reason. These things do "come to pass". Love ya,

  7. Hope all is well Cindy! Your lace runners are going to look beautiful with those pieces. Our prayers are with you. Mimi